No Retail Diversity.  Over Development.  Public Land Grabs.

Destruction of East River Park. Crumbling Tompkin's Square Park. 

 Too Many Loud Bars & Clubs.  Unregulated Outdoor Dining & Bars.

 Displacement and Social Dislocation.  Vanishing Arts & Culture.  

Hyper-Gentrification.  Unsafe streets for bikers and pedestrians. 

Community Boards are the

baseline of our democracyand tasked to represent the

diverse perspectives of the

community but CB3 under 

DM Susan Stetzer has lost its way.

DM Susan Stetzer  Protects 
Her Job and Special Interest, 

Offers Political Cover  to the

Electeds, and  Silences  Groups,

CB3 Members, & Residents.

Susan Stetzer, a 20-year-old institution that needs to be dismantled and replaced. 

While it's true community boards have no real governing authority, they influence how our neighborhoods are shaped and developed. They also advise elected officials and government agencies on what city services are needed and delivered to the district. And Community Boards are supposed to be a place where residents and groups can voice their concerns and a diversity of viewpoints with the expectation the board will engage in open and transparent communication with the public.

Look around. How is CB3 working out for us?




The undemocratic structure of CB3 allows government agencies and politicians to ignore community residents and grassroots activists. By concentrating the power through the district manager's office, Susan Stetzer can push special interest and political interest without consequences in our community.


But, Susan Stetzer is not alone. CB3's Un-Democracy is supported by a handful of self-serving board members, power-hungry newbies with political aspirations, powerful special interests like the LES Partnership (BID) and the Hospitality Alliance.  She has also been assisted by previously and currently elected Manhattan Borough President and City Council Members for District 1 and District 2, who have done little to hold her accountable despite years of community and board member complaints and misconduct


It’s time CB3 returned to the roots of its promise, a representative democracy. 

No Retail Diversity.  Out-of-Control Development. Public Land Grabs.
Destruction of East River Park. 
Crumbling Tompkin's Square Park. 

Too Many Loud Bars & Clubs.  Unregulated Outdoor Dining & Bars.

Hyper-Gentrification. Displacement and Social Dislocation. 

Vanishing Arts & Culture. Unsafe streets for bikers and pedestrians.